Erdal Gürbüz

Film Yönetmeni

Doğum Tarihi: 10/11/1991

Doğum Yeri: İsviçre

Eğitim: Newyork film akademisi


Erdal Gürbüz was born on November 10, 1989 in Basel, Switzerland.  Gürbüz, who spent his childhood here, completed his primary and secondary education in Switzerland.  He then decided to return to Turkey.  Erdal Gürbüz’s life began to change after this time.  Gurbuz, who probably lived through a period in which his life changed, took the step of directing professionally.  Not limited to this, Gürbüz went to New York and London right after, and achieved great success by winning film academies with honors there.  However, Gürbüz, who constantly wants more to realize the ideal in his mind, has constantly improved himself by taking lessons from master teachers and trainers.  Returning to Turkey after the trainings, Gürbüz has now started to implement his own projects.  Erdal Gürbüz, whose artistic personality has always been at the forefront, thus made his first entry into the art community.  Gürbüz, who has been the general coordinator of famous artists, has proven himself with the knowledge and equipment he has acquired for many years.  After these, he made an action regulation in the Fast and Furious 9 series, which influenced the whole world.  He achieved one of his biggest successes in his career after winning the title of America’s best director in 2018.  Deciding to open up to the world after successive successes, Gürbüz decided to realize the Erdal Gürbüz Film Academies, which he had dreamed of for many years.’